Door blank-Spruce

Solid wood Spruce doors (frames or panels) made by TILLY provide a wide range of advantages to the professional during planning, processing and in terms of economy. The 3-layer structure makes the TILLY door frame extremely dimensionally stable.

Aesthetics and quality!

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Door blank – Spruce

Quality classes



The basic weight per m2 of door surface area is 19 kg. This results in the following door leaf weights:


 755 x 2150 mm = 31 kg
 805 x 2150 mm = 33 kg
 855 x 2150 mm = 35 kg
 875 x 2150 mm = 36 kg
 905 x 2150 mm = 39 kg
 955 x 2150 mm = 40 kg
1000 x 2150 mm = 41 kg


42 mm


5-layer structure, dimensionally stable


The length of the door leaf can be shortened as required. There is no need for reinforcement of locks or hinges

TILLY Door blank