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TILLY Wood Industry is established with the acquisition of a sawmill from the Funder Company in Althofen.

A natural wood panel plant is erected and TILLY's natural wood panels in single-, 3- and multi-layer quality soon become a great hit in furniture manufacturing. 
Through innovative product development, TILLY natural wood panels, which compromise finished and semi-finished products, are continually processed directly in the plant.

The existing production facilities are modernised.
A biomass combined heat and power plant is built and enters into service.

The HESPA forestry operations  are purchased by the TILLY family.
TILLY-Forstbetriebe Ges.m.b.H. is established with approx 14,000 hectares of forest.
The HESPA workshop and the sawmill in Wiesenau remain in operation as part of TILLY Forestry Operations.

Certification of the quality management in accordance with ISO 9001:2000

The firm celebrates its 20th anniversary.

PEFC-CoC certification of TILLY Holzindustrie Ges.m.b.H.(TILLY Wood Industry).


CE marking is introduced for wood materials to be used in the building industry.

CE Logo

Erection of a biomass cogeneration system of 10,000 kW thermal
and 1,500 kW electrical rated output

Erection and commissioning of a heat extraction system to supply heating to the town of Althofen and the Humanomed Centre. Start of the project planning phase Work II


Construction phase Plant II

 Bau Werk 2

Successful commissioning of the new solid-wood panel factory in Althofen. TILLY AKTUELL: Plant II

Bau Werk 2

WKO Export prize 2011. For further details, read here

30 year company anniversary. For further details, read here

Completion of a new 10,000 m² production hall and implementation
state-of-the-art production for core-layer of three-layer solid wood panels.

-Construction of a new 10,000 m² warehouse for the storage and rapid delivery of single and three-layer solid wood panels

-Construction and commissioning of 8 pieces of drying kilns with an additional 1,600 m³ kiln drying capacity

-Commissioning of the new photovoltaic system on the hall roofs in Plant II on an area of ​​30,000 m² and with an output of 3 MWp

Bau Werk 2

2022/23 (in planning)

-Construction of a combined heat and power plant (CHP) for 7,500 kW of electricity and 30 MW of heat

-Pellet plant in two expansion stages with 90,000 tons and 150,000 tons of wood pellets

With approximately 300 employees, TILLY is one of the main employers in the region.

TILLY History